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About us

Thank you for checking us out! Hopefully you’ve found our website a little bit interesting.

Burbly Booth is a hobby company located in Taguig (The Philippines) and in Gouda (The Netherlands).
Formerly known as The Creative Match.

What is Burbly?

Burbly derives from the word Burble: an excited flow of speech or to speak in an excited manner. Synonym: laughing. [see dictionary]

Why we chose this name? Because it sounds jolly and fun. Which resonates more on the services we are offering. Not to mention that the word burbly (burble) is not commonly used and that adds more uniqueness.

Burbly Booth is founded and created by:

the tech-dude
Photo Booth master, Burbly Booth graphic and web designer.

the artist
Creative artist, Burbly Booth content writer and template designer.

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