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Despite all of Burbly Booth’s efforts to keep our website up-to-date and optimised, it might be that some information has become outdated and no longer valid. Burbly Booth does not need to notify users or clients about these changes. We regularly edit the content of this website. Changes we make of for example prices of Face Painting or our Photo Booth package deals will immediately be implemented as Burbly Booth seems fit.

Contracts which have already been signed by both parties about Face Painting or Photo Booth services by Burbly Booth for the client’s event or party will remain valid.

Burbly Booth is not liable for any type of damage that might be caused by visiting our website, or for related loss in case our website is temporary unavailable.

The website visitor is not allowed to infringe our copyright ( in Dutch: auteursrecht). It is not allowed to copy the Burbly Booth logo, website content (texts, photo’s, etcetera) or our website pages. It is not allowed to iframe our website. Legal steps will be taken against those who do not honour our copyright.

All information and products (Face painting, Photo Booth) that Burbly Booth has in this website, are given as-is, without any guarantee that all information is totally accurate or right for our target audience.

Burbly Booth did their best to comply with the Auteurswet 1912 regarding texts and photo’s or illustrations which have copyright. If someone claims that we have infringed copyright (for example by using an image which we thought was free of copyrights), then please contact us via the information below so we can immediately take the needed measures to correct this.


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