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So you do still have some unanswered questions in mind about Burbly Booth’s services? Well you came to the right page! We hope that some of this answered questions could do any help. Feel free to ask us if you do have some more. We would be glad to help you.

1. Can you do Photo Booth and Face Painting in a house?
Absolutely! But there is a certain amount of space required, plus access to electricity. See question number 2.
2. How much space do I need for Photo Booth and Face Painting?
Our Photo Booth requires a minimum space of 4×4 meters.

Our Face Paint requires  a minimum space of 2×2 meters.

For more details, read our terms & conditions.

3. How does customised background work?

Making a customised background takes time and financial resources. Your booking needs to be at least one month in advance of the event.

After receiving details about what type of customisation you want (for example paper flowers and grass as a background, or a so-called fairy lights curtain), we will do a quick inventory of  where to buy the materials needed and how much it will cost. We will inform you about the estimation and will send you a contract for a downpayment of your booking. The downpayment includes all the costs of the customised background, plus 25% of the total due amount.

As soon as we received the signed contract and downpayment, we will start making your customised background. We will send you photo’s to update you about the progress.

4. What will happen to the customised background that I paid for?

Of course it is all yours! You can take it home with you when the party is over.

5. What is the minimum time booking or reservation for Burbly Booth?

Reservations or bookings can be done at least 3 weeks in advance for Face Painting or Photo Booth with a normal background.

Bookings for Photo Booth with customised background needs to be made at least one month in advance.

6. Can I have Face Painting with Mega Deal?

Yes you can! You can combine the Mega Deal with our per person or per hour rate for face painting.

7. How many personnel does Burbly booth has for photobooth and facepainting?

So far we have one personnel for photobooth and one Face Painter.

8. How can I get back the props guarantee?

We will give back the props guarantee as soon as we are done inspecting our props. If nothing is damaged or missing, we will give it back in cash.

9. What is the quality of the ‘on the day prints’?

Right now we offer two kinds of printing quality. Because our Photo Booth needs to cope up with the guest who’s in a hurry and excited for their turn. We try to print as fast as we can. Our on the day print quality is quite reduced compared to the soft copy, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy a high quality print. Of course you can. We can offer a to be delivered print outs instead of printing it on the day if you really like to have a high quality prints with FREE delivery and no extra cost.

10. Can I use my own background instead of Burbly Booth's background?

You can use your own background if you want to. But the cost will still be the same.

11. Can I use my own made photos as greenscreen background?

Yes, you can! However: make sure that the photo is about this size, or even larger:

5472 x 4648 pixels (18.24” x 12.16” at 300dpi).

Smaller sizes will make your background photo blurred or pixellated.

Also make sure that the photo will look good in postcard format (rectangle).

We will send you an example in advance, so you have an indication of what your background photo will look like. Burbly Booth cannot be held accountable if your own background photo is not giving the desired results.

12. How can I pay Burbly Booth?

You can pay Burbly Booth by bank transfer. Our bank details can be found in your booking and invoices.

  • Photo Booth must be fully paid 5 days before the event.
  • Face painting can be paid in advance, or directly after the event in exact cash. We don’t bring loose money with us (except for the Props Guarantee).


13. How much time does Burbly Booth need for their entire set-up to finish?

As much as possible we ask for at least one hour in advance access to the venue for setting up our equipment. That is to prevent any hurdles on your event. As much as you want your event to be perfect, we do too.

14. Does Burbly Booth post all their events online? What if I don’t want to?

We don’t posts all our events online. Due to clients’ privacy. We only post pictures of our events with permission.

Do you have any questions that is not yet included in our Frequently Ask Questions? Don’t hessitate to send us an email or give us a call.

Don’t forget to read our Terms and conditions for more details!

Are you curious for some behind the scenes documentation or you want to know the people behind Burbly Booth? Then take a peak on our About us page!