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Photo Booth

Capture every funny and enjoyable moments with our Burbly Booth PHOTOBOOTH. It is not just there to stand, but to make your party stand out!

You have 3 options of background, 2 print sizes and 2 template design options.

You can choose from our FREE blingy background, magical green screen and customised background design that fits your party theme.

For the photo prints template size. You can choose between postcard (horizontal or vertical) and photo strips.

Then we will send you two designs of what your template will look like. PLUS you can use our awesome props for FREE!

So enjoy and keep scrolling down to find out more!

Would you like to choose our FREE blingy background?

Background option 1:
With our free blingy backgrounds you can have a fabulous party within the budget! Here are your three choices:

For gatherings that’s full of glamour

For a splendid party that’s full of life

For events that’s full of surprises

How about our magical Greenscreen?

Background option 2:
You can choose from our stock photos for FREE or even request and buy your own background online (see pricelist for more info). From being in a jungle, at the beach, traveling to famous cities and destinations, to even going out into space and many more!

Check our FREE stock photos




How it’s done is quite simple. With perfect lightings, appropriate photo booth surroundings and right clothing (wear any color you like except for shades of green and dark blue) you can be wherever you want in a flash!

Original photo

Background photo

Result photo

Would you like to have a certain photo background that is not available in our stock photos? That is possible too! It may cost you a little per image, but hey, being unique is always better! Please check our add-ons on the pricelist page if you’re interested.
Are you a super precise person? 

Background option 3:
Then you can even design your own background! Just say it and we will make it happen!

Note: These photos are only samples.The outcome depends on your budget and materials availability. This is ideal for a well planned events that has enough time to complete everything with a minimum of 1 month advance booking and reservation.

We will buy and make the things that you want or need for your special background with complete receipt and invoice. Make your entire event truly unique without making more hustle. (Check our pricelist) (Reminder: prices may vary due to materials needed)

And here’s more! Our photo template customised design is always FREE! We will give you 2 design options of your template to choose from. You can choose between postcard (vertical or horizontal) or photo strips. You can even suggest or tell us what you want to make it as pleasing as you want it to be.

Postcard size horizontal

If you like to have a hard copy of the entire session and you want to choose the postcard format? That is possible too! Check our add-ons for further details.

Postcard size vertical

Photo strips

The famous photo strips size has a FREE HARD COPY!? Yes it is. Free hard copy of the entire photobooth session! One for your guests and one for you! This freebie is of course exclusive for photo strips format only.

Last but not the least. Are you are really in a super tight budget but still want to have a photobooth? Don’t worry cause we’ve got you covered!

For the grand finale here is our MEGA DEAL offer to you!

A photobooth session of €50,-  per hour minimum of 2 hours! Unlimited use of our photobooth and props, with the blingy background of your choice and customized template! Because we care to give you an amazing party ever!

So what are you waiting for? Book our Burbly booth Photo booth now! 

Photobooth alone is enormously fun, but if you want to cater more amusement to your  wide range of guests then check our Package deals and SUPER deals!

Do you still have questions regarding our services?

Go to our FAQ page or email and talk to us. We would like to hear from you. Go to our contact page.

Photo credits
The photo’s of our greenscreen backgrounds are bought at Depositphotos, or downloaded for free at Unsplash.