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In this digital day and age, privacy is a big issue. That is why Burbly Booth wants to inform you which data we gather, how we use it and store it, and how you can request your data to be deleted.

Like all websites, Burbly Booth uses cookies to see how our website visitors use the website. We ask for permission to use these cookies via our cookie bar which you see when you visit our website. You can change your consent by adjusting the settings. Changed your mind and want to change the settings again? Click on the little cogwheel at the bottom left of the website. We only use the data sent by cookies to optimise the website, so the user can easily find the information they were searching for about our Photo Booth and Face Painting services. Want to know more? Please take a look at our Cookie Policy page. Virtual cookies have an expiration date, just like real cookies. We have set our Cooky Policy to expire within 1 week after you accepted our cookies.

What personal data does Burbly Booth gather?
We Use anonymised Google Analytics data statistics along with Keyword Hero, provided by the website cookies which are set if you gave consent. We also gather your personal information like your name, e-mail address, physical address and phone number when filling out our Contact form or our Booking form. We use this to remain in contact with you about your inquiries, bookings and – if applicable – your newsletter subscription.

How about the photo’s?
We gather photo’s of you and your guests via our Photo Booth, Face Painting results photo’s and behind-the-scenes photo’s which we might make during an event. We always ask for your written permission to use these photo’s in our website or on social media channels. We do so by letting you sign the User Agreement in your booking document.

How it this personal information stored and used?
Burbly Booth does its best to comply with the EU General Data Protection  (GDPR, more information here). We store all personal and privacy-sensitive information on a secure location. We do the same with all the photo’s we make.

Some information might also be stored in our website’s database. Our webhost TransIP is compliant with all rules and regulations. See their privacy policy if you want more information.

How long will you keep my private data?
We keep your data only for a limited time. We will delete the data of inquiries within 6 months if the prospect client did not book one of our services. We will delete client data 1 year after the date of a booked event. For those clients who subscribed to and agreed to receiving a newsletter: we will keep the minimum needed data for newsletters until the client has revoked the right to send her/him a newsletter (see more information below). If Burbly Booth decides to stop sending newsletters, then we will delete all newsletter data within 1 month after the last newsletter has been sent.

You want your data to be deleted, transferred, or remain private?
You don’t want photo’s of the Face Painting of your child are published on our website? We will not use the photo’s and will delete them from our computers, back-up disc and cameras.

All Photo Booth photo’s must remain private? After we sent them to you via WeTransfer (see their privacy policy here) and received confirmation that you received all photo’s successfully, then we will delete them from our computers, back-up disc and cameras.

WeTransfer packages are available for a limited time only. It is the client’s responsibility to download all files within a week after we have sent the files.

We had your permission for using photo’s, but you want to revoke it? One of your guests does not want her/his photo to be published on our website or on social media? You want to unsubscribe from our newsletter? You want to know which personal information we have of you, or to let it be changed, given to some other company, or completely deleted?Please let us know.

Please send us a written request (e-mail or use our contact form), or let us know beforehand when we make the documents of your booking and invoice. Deletion or edits of all data will be done within one working week after we received your request.

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